Chicago Nightclub Norwich Review

February 20, 2012

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Chicago Rock Cafe Norwich

Chicago Rock Cafe Norwich

This nightclub was established in 1997, and still remains to be one of the biggest surviving nightclubs in Norwich. It is centrally located on the Prince of Wales Road.

When the club originally opened, the dance floor used to be downstairs with a balcony area and bar on the floor above. The dance floor has now been relocated upstairs and the downstairs bar is usually barriered off, because there are never enough people to warrant paying extra bar staff to man it.

It is sad to see Chicago’s in this state nowadays. What was once a thriving night club, even mid week, now struggles to attract enough punters in at all apart from Saturday, which can still can get fairly busy.

Gone are the days when you could pay £12 entrance on a Wednesday, which would include your drinks all night, a buffet and a live tribute band!

The music is mainly 80’s and 90’s and is ok, but there are one or two other bars in Norwich now that do a better job with great DJ’s and guys on bongo’s etc

There is a large smoking area outside, which is especially nice to go out into in the summer because the club can get very hot – this was never a problem when the dance floor was downstairs.

Like many club type venues, the entrance fee can be expensive on a Saturday night. I paid £6 plus £2 to put a coat in the cloak room. Bottles of beer are almost £4 and a pint will set you back about the same – these prices are comparable to London prices.

Overall this can be a fun club to go to especially if you are single and looking for a partner or simply a one-night stand. The last Saturday of the month seems to be the best night and attracts more people because they get paid.

Update April 2015 – Chicagos is charging £5 entry fee after 10pm. It amazes me that they are still in business – most of the bars in Norwich are free entry. Good luck Chicagos

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