Riverbank Chinese Buffet Restaurant, Norwich Review

February 6, 2012

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River Bank Restaurant buffet bar

The buffet bar at River Bank Restaurant

This buffet restaurant is located in the riverside complex near to Norwich train station, and would make an excellent stop for those coming to visit Norwich.

The restaurant is quite large and spacious with plenty of seating arrangements for parties, couples or small groups.

This is a chinese all you can eat style buffet restaurant and at the time of writing this article, the price for a dinner (evening meal) was £13.99. I believe the price at lunchtime is £6.99 but this does not include the Teppanyaki bar, which is not open at lunchtime.

My advice is to go for the teppanyaki bar first – teppenyaki is uncooked meat, fish, noodles and vegetables that you take to the chef to be cooked.

My tip is once you have dropped off your selection of teppanyaki to the chef, tell the chef you will be back in 5 – 10 minutes and go and get yourself a starter.

By the time you have had a drink and a starter your teppanyaki should be ready for you to collect at the teppanyaki bar.

There is also a good range of salads, cooked meets, rice, and many other dishes to choose from at the buffet bar. There are also a good selection of deserts such as fresh fruit, gateaux and ice-cream available at the buffet bar – that’s if you have any room left from the main courses and starters 🙂

Overall, this restaurant is good value for money and has special rates for children.

The restaurant is clean, light and the waiters and waitresses are efficient and attentive. The food is very good and one of the benefits of this type of buffet restaurant is that you don’t have to wait for your meal – just get yourself a seat and dig in. I will give this restaurant a highly recommended rating.

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