Total Football Trading Review

March 18, 2014

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Total-Football-Trading ReviewMany of you will have heard of Betfair, which has a betting exchange and many of you will have dabbled with finding betting strategies that can make a regular profit. After researching various systems and methods for making a profit, I stumbled upon Total Football Trading, which is a canned selection of trading methods to accomplish such a feat. The reason for choosing a football betting strategy over other sports is that football provides one of the most liquid markets on the Betfair exchange. Liquid means that there is more money staked on football games than other sports in the exchange, which makes it easier to exit your trades and also trade with higher stakes.

After parting with your money and purchasing Total Football Trading, you will get some emails with links and passwords to a website where you can view the methods advertised.

One of the systems covered, and was the reason I purchased Total Football Trading, was the LTD reloaded method, which to be honest, I wouldn’t have thought of in a thousand years. “LTD” stands for “lay the draw” and it applies to football games. In my opinion this system alone is worth the cash outlay and if followed correctly will definitely yield some good results.

There are ten strategies in total, which at the time of writing this review, I have not had a chance of looking at all of them yet, but will update this post once I get the chance.

One of the first sections of Total Football Trading includes good tutorials on exiting trades (greening up), the importance of a trading plan, how to be a professional football trader, getting the correct mentality, keeping records, the times you should never trade, staking plans and more. There is also an interesting section on lifestyle and how to manage your trading – this is often an overlooked subject in my opinion, and includes tips on how to stay sharp and make the right decisions.

Personally, I only trade Betfair for fun with small amounts of money that I can afford to lose, but for the more adventurous, the Total Football Trading package would definitely be a good starting place to accumulate the knowledge necessary to become a full time professional trader.

One more thing to mention is that there are eight trading videos with the package, which illustrate real life trading so that you can get a good idea of how the pros trade. Some of the trading videos use the systems that are included with the package. These videos are invaluable to the budding football trader and give a much clearer example of how to trade.

You can get access to Total Football Trading here


I have been getting familiar with the main 10 systems for 2 days now and have made some profits. There is a lot to digest amongst the 10 main strategies. You can usually apply at least 2 or 3 strategies to each game followed, however I recommend that you stick to 2 strategies at a time otherwise you may find it difficult to keep on top of them.

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