Why You Need SEO For Your Online Business

June 30, 2013

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Why you need SEO for your online businessThis is a fairly obvious statement for many web entrepreneur veterans, but for the newby to the world of online business and marketing read on…

SEO or search engine optimization, is the art of making your web content appear in the search engine results – so that your content is found by your target audience.

It’s not just a matter of making your content appear in the search engine results for a particular keyword or phrase, but to get more traffic and sales, you need to make your content appear close to the top of the search results, and ideally to get your content to the top of the first page of search results.

Let’s take an example…

Mr and Mrs Smith own a fish restaurant in Skegness and wish to attract more customers to their shop via the web. They put together a simple website and publish it online, however without SEO knowledge they don’t get any visitors to their website – it is simply not found by potential customers.

Having gained some SEO knowledge, Mr and Mrs Smith start to publish some articles on how they source their fish from local suppliers. They also get some links from the local supplier’s website to their website, which directs some traffic to their website. Their articles are picked up by search engines and start to rank for certain keywords such as “fish and chips in Skegness”

Users searching the internet for “fish and chips in Skegness” find Mr and Mrs Smith’s website from the search engine results and visit the shop. They then tell their friends and send them a link to the website.

Search engine optimization isn’t rocket science and once learned can actually save you money.

A lot of web entrepreneurs start off on the wrong foot to get their websites noticed and pay for cheap short cuts or thousands of links. This may bring short term benefits, but will probably get your site demoted from search results over a period of time. The best way to build up your web business is by acquiring natural links and publishing outstanding content relevant to your business.

Pay per click advertising is also another way of promoting your business, but it can work out very expensive.

If you’d like to become an SEO master then Aaron Wall has a website called SEOBook. Here you can learn all the latest techniques and methods to grow your online business. Aaron is deemed to be one of the worlds leading experts on SEO and his website is highly recommended.

You can see SEOBook here

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