How To Copy A DVD On A Mac For Free

October 11, 2012

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How to copy a DVD on a MacAfter much trawling around on the internet to find information and having downloaded some paid for software for copying DVD’s, which didn’t work, I am going to share with you an easy way to copy DVDs or CDs to DVD or CD.

This will work on a MAC and I am quite certain it will work for any computer.

I don’t endorse copying movies or anything illegal, but from time to time it may be necessary to do some backing up or simply copy a bought CD for the car etc.

This is very simple method, but it took me quite a while of searching, so I hope it will be beneficial to someone in a similar predicament to my own.

First of all you will need a portable hard drive or simply a USB memory stick. This is not absolutely necessary if you have plenty of hard drive disk space left on your computer you can simply use that. Personally I prefer to use a large portable drive, so it doesn’t clutter up my computer’s hard drive.

Portable hard drives are getting cheaper by the day and you can purchase a 1TB drive quite cheaply nowadays.

So, plug in the portable hard drive into one of your USB ports and then load in your DVD or CD into your disk drive.

Then go to “Finder” on a Mac or “My Computer” on a pc, and navigate to the files on the DVD which you want to copy. If there are more than one file simply click on the first file and hold down the shift key, then click on the last file.

If you want to select some random files hold down the CMD key and select the files you want.

Once you have selected the files you wish to copy, you will need to right click (click with two fingers on the newer Macs) one of the items and a menu should appear.

From the menu, select “Copy” then navigate to the hard drive and create a file with the name of the DVD for reference. Open the newly created file and right click again, then “Paste”. Now some boxes should open asking you to name the file etc – just follow the instructions.

Once the files have been copied and pasted into the newly created file on the portable hard drive, you can then eject the DVD or CD.

Insert a new blank DVD or CD into the disk drive then navigate back to the portable hard drive and select the files than you have created in the new folder.
Right click the files, then “Copy”.
Navigate to the blank DVD or CD through “Finder” or “My Computer” then right click again and “Paste”

Some more boxes may appear asking you to name the file etc – again just follow the instructions. Another box should appear indicating the progress of the copying.

That’s it – you should now have a replica of the DVD or CD you started off with.
Simply eject the DVD or CD and enjoy.

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