Sprowston Manor Gym and Pool Review

February 9, 2012

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Sprowston Manor Pool Area

Sprowston Manor Pool Area

Sprowston Manor is located just off the Wroxham road near the outer Norwich ring road, and is a little more difficult to reach from the A47 than some of the other gyms we have reviewed.

The building is now owned by the Marriot chain and is set in large grounds, which includes an 18 hole golf course.

First impressions are that the gym is quite small compared to most of the other gyms that we have reviewed so far. In fact there were only three treadmills in the gym when we visited – there wouldn’t have been any more room to install more than these.

The equipment is modern, but because of the size of the gym, there is only one piece of each equipment – except for the treadmills and some aerobic equipment. We went into the gym around 5pm and there were approximately 10 people in there – it would have been almost impossible to find a spare piece of gym apparatus had there been any more people using the gym.

The pool area is very nice, but the lighting was very low – it was early evening and getting dark outside, so the only lighting was from the interior lights.

There is a large skylight in the ceiling, that during daylight hours is good, but during the hours of darkness the area could do with some additional lighting.

Apart from the lighting issue, the pool area was clean and was quite modern and pleasant to be in.

There is a medium size hot tub at one end of the pool, which was mainly full during our visit – it can accommodate approximately 6 – 8 people.

There is also a sauna and steam room, which are by the poolside and are modern and clean.

Unfortunately because we arrived later in the day at this leisure facility, the coffee shop called Zest was closed, so we couldn’t sample any scones or cakes! We did however go into the bar area, which sold coffee and cold drinks and was set in an impressive lounge area.

Overall I would say that if you thinking of joining this leisure club to use the gym, then there are larger gyms in and around Norwich that cost the same per month.

If your reasons for joining the club are mainly for the pool, sauna and steam room, then this is quite a nice pool area.

One more note regarding the pool area is that the leisure facility’s main desk is actually inside the pool area, so there are visitors from outside constantly walking through.

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